Why choose Omnis?  

Are you and your staff frustrated with numerous logins to multiple software packages?  Do you worry about multiple data sources and unreliable systems integration?  Omnis Business Management Software avoids these issues with a single point of data entry, and a single point of truth.

We are dedicated to providing all-in-one business management software (often called "ERP" or Enterprise Resource Planning software), typically to ambitious and growing companies.  We help them to enhance their performance, become more efficient and increase profitability.

3 great reasons to investigate Omnis

Room for growth

With fully integrated functions there's no multiple logins or unreliable back-end data connections.

A single version of the truth

Records such as contact details only appear once. No more updating multiple versions.

Elegant design

Management will love the results, and staff will
 love using the intuitive software. 

Video Summary

Omnis software integrates all the major business functions of accounting, CRM, project management, purchasing, manufacturing, stock control, e-commerce, time recording and many more. 

The result is a beautiful, easy-to-implement system which staff and management can embrace.