Free community ERP software

for SMEs and Start-ups

Integrated business management solutions provider, Omnis Software, has recently launched an initiative to small and medium businesses to help them realise the benefits and importance of all-in-one business management software.   

Choosing the prestigious Anglia Business Exhibition to launch this new initiative, Omnis is offering (for a limited time) business start-ups and smaller businesses wishing to grow, the opportunity to download their ‘community use’ business management software for free.
Omnis is a business software company, based in Cambridge and is focused on delivering fully integrated business management software to companies in order to enhance their performance, to help their business grow and to become more efficient.

Nick Hadley, CEO, Omnis Software commented: “It's difficult, if not impossible to start a business that doesn’t involve the computing world. At a minimum even the smallest startup needs computers and software. If you're thinking about starting a small business, or you're already in the early stages, it is the ideal time to start thinking about how you are going to run your company efficiently, that every piece of your business will be working together.”

“Likewise the software is ideal for businesses who are looking to grow but their business growth is being hampered by the lack of an integrated business system. We want to help businesses achieve rapid growth and profitability without systems constraints which can severely affect a business.”

“The difference between Omnis Software and its counterparts is that it is ideal for anyone, from a business start up right through to a global company.”

“Our Software has recently been chosen by the Global Event Management Group and Toyota Materials Handling, a testament to the quality and functionality of the software.”
Omnis Software is a comprehensive suite of integrated business applications aimed at taking businesses to the next level. It is a flexible and an easy way for businesses to manage key activities such as finance, sales, project management, marketing, stock control and manufacturing.