Community (free) version download

Odoo CMS - a big picture 


What is this software?  

Omnis Software is based on an open-source system called ‘’Odoo”. This software is in use worldwide by 2,000,000 other users. We provide both this open-source product (it’s also called the ‘community’ version) and more advanced (paid-for) versions suitable for large and more complex installations.

That said, the community version is massively functional and it has no licence restrictions on the number of users, or the length of time you can use it for.

The modules included in this download are: Sales, CRM, Invoicing, PoS, Accounting, Project, Inventory, Purchases, Manufacturing, Timesheet, Email Marketing, Events, Surveys, Website Builder, Ecommerce, Blogs, Slides, SEO, Expenses, Staff Vacations, Recruitment and Assets.

The main consideration is that you need to roll your sleeves up to install and configure it. Not just because it’s open source software, but also because it covers so much scope.  


Why is it given away?

Some of our users are happy to get involved with the technical side of their software. They know what their business software needs are. They are confident experimenting with different packages and they don’t want be committed to paying for them.

However, other users want the confidence of dealing with skilled business consultants, implementers and technicians (that’s us!) who can help them to configure the software. The main downside to this is that we, too, have mortgages to pay and cars to run, so we’ll eventually need to be paid for what we do.

In giving this software away, our hope is that while you may start off being the first type of user, you’ll realise the power of what “Omnis Powered by Odoo” can do for your business, and you’ll be prepared to pay for some training and support. Maybe hosting; maybe some help to configure it to start with.

That’s all optional though. For now, let’s assume you want to install and configure the software yourself.

Contact us to tell us who you are and we’ll email you a link to download the software and a link to the Quick-Start guide.