Pre-configured Industry packages

 ... can significantly improve implementation efficiency

A significant proportion of the time involved in implementing business management software is in the initial setup of the software.  This includes such basics as VAT and currency rules, date formats and module configuration for the specific industry.  By providing a pre-configured database, we can cut this time down, and invest this time into the areas of your business that make you unique within your industry.

Even if your industry is not listed here, ask if we have done previous implementations in similar sectors.  You never know, we may be able to save some costs, or help you further for the same cost.  Please ask.

For Professional & IT Services Companies

For business that primarily sell their time, we can provide a pre-configured database and module package.   This is usually focused on client acquisition (CRM), Project management, Resource management, Accounting, Time recording and billing.

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If your business sells online, a pre-configured database and module package can be provided.  Often this will include CRM, eCommerce, Website, Accounting, Point of Sale and Stock Control/Inventory.


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Warehouse & Distribution

If your business centres on distribution of storage of products, we can provide a pre-configured database and package of modules.  This will generally include such functions as Inventory/Stock Control, Accounting, Sales and Bar-code management. 


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Manufacturing businesses can shorten their implementation cycle by using our pre-configured database and model package.  The package includes Manufacturing resource Planning (MRP), including Kits of Parts, Stock Control, Sales, Accounting and Project Management.

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